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Token Woman´s official publishing date was September, but... come browse.
Though we´re busy behind the scenes, we want you to have a look so we´ve prepared what we thought you´d like to see for yourself.
Cruise the windows, leave us messages, and compare notes with your friends.
Now is the time to put the TW proposal on your agenda.

Back Cover

Back Cover

Turn the book over
and see what
the book is all about.

Imagine a Mentor who...

is reclusive but
perceptive, resourceful
and supportive..

Author's Notes

Author´s Notes

The whys

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
& More

Let´s look
between the covers.
Come browse & sample.

Come away with me to
Isengard for a little while!

Front Cover

Token Woman

The One That Got Away

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Publisher´s Offers & Plans

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Press Release

Press & Reviews

As history, as math,
as mentoring

Mathematics for women

Quantifying your way
through life


Last Straw Revolution

What to do, who´s doing it,
networking & tactics...
Join us.