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Token Woman
The One That Got Away
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For those seeking literature based technology resources, Token Woman is the memoir of an adventure as an insider in top management councils.

For anyone interested in women´s history, Token Woman´s custom computer systems were corporate proprietary secrets before the concepts appeared in Harvard Business Review, before the first DSS conventions in the 80s, and they were developed on one of IBM´s first mini-computers.

For young women making their career choices Token Woman offers a chance to step into the shoes of a mentor of acknowledged stature.

Introduce the social, ethical and political issues inherent in innovations.

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Printed on natural booktext paper, our Token Woman is 160 pages of reading pleasure, perfect bound in a DuroSheen full color cover. Inspired by the enduring wonder of the invention called a book, we´ve selected production values to make ours a fine example of today´s craft, so you´ll enjoy giving it as well as sharing it.

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Token Woman
or Token Wizard

Think you that Isengard is a myth?...

Come away with us to Isengard
for a little while!

We have skills to share with you... if..
you dare do power math which we women are
not supposed to like, to learn or to use!
To celebrate Dectiri Publishing´s anniversary, we are announcing the FLAGS program, (For Libraries at All-Girls Schools), in recognition of their impressive role in women´s progress toward equality and to enlist their support for high-tech careers for girls. To nominate an all girls school, send a brief recommendation and the appropriate contact data -- name, address, phone/fax -- to Dectiri Publishing.

Look for us at this year´s Expand Your Horizons conferences and workshops to introduce middle and high school girls to the exciting array of possible careers in mathematically interesting fields. Sponsored by the AAUW and Mills College, the events enlist women in these fields to present their work and challenges to hundreds of girls, their parents and teachers for a stimulating day of workshops, resources and fun.

For information on our programs, from FEM Awards (For Excellence in Mathematics) to presentations on alternative curricula and resources, to introduce and encourage new options for young women in math and math related careers, send us the name of your group, a description of your program, and the appropriate contact data and we´ll be happy to oblige.

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But the big news

from Dectiri Publishing and Penelope Press

is our
Mathematics for Dreamers


To usher in new trends in mathematics curricula that liberate high school students to work in developing areas of mathematics -- areas that retain their excitement with myriad applications in real lives. Exactly the type of math to empower their dreams, just as these techniques have empowered the schemes of corporate chiefs and military generals.

As we approach the publishing date for the audio version of Token Woman with the development of the later books in our Math Series on schedule, we have arranged special promotions for educators and for unschoolers.

You can establish your alternate mathematics curriculum solidly in the exciting world of Mathland with adventures in Decision Analysis, Actuarial Science, Mathematical Models, Management Consulting, and Expert Systems, and with components from Dectiri Publishing´s learning-style-based combinations: The educator´s discounts can be claimed easily in our ordering pages below.

Meanwhile, when you join our Decision Support e-study group, DA_Net, you can get your questions answered as you develop your unit study or plan your portfolio. It´s simple to join, just enter your email address on the shopping cart page when you order your chosen curriculum package. Later, when learners have finished assimilating the text and become familiar with their own computer´s spreadsheet software, the fun begins as our e-studygroup takes off using the DA_Net, to explore student generated scenarios, to flex the capabilities of these constructs. Join us. Welcome sac´caiders and unschoolers. The world may never be the same.

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Ordering details...

You can order Token Woman, the book itself, through your local bookstore, but...
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Product Order

To join us for our Mathland/Decision Analysis programs for sac´caiders, order Token Woman directly:

    by using your credit card ,Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express, and the secure services at CCNOW, our online retailer,
    About CCNOW
    by printing our Order Form & mailing it with your check/MO

See instructions with our Order Form.
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For information on feminist bookstores checkout the website of the Feminist Bookstore Network. many of whom already have Token Woman in paperback form in stock... Among those we know of...

For Token Woman, e-commerce and much more, you can order now through Amazon.com´s secure website. Our current turnaround to Amazon is a matter of a few days.

Or if you´re considering ordering several, you could join Token Woman´s web of inclusion. Going to a conference or convention? Or part of your own micro-enterprise? Check out the details on our web-spinners program. Then just contact our webmistress via e-mail with your concept and order.
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Library purchases can be routed to our distributor,

Ingram or Baker & Taylor will serve you too.

Bookstores should contact Ingram Express (615-793-5000). They will be happy to help you. As will Baker & Taylor, (908-722-8000). Or you can reach us directly by email for information, support and events.
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Dectiri Publishing was named for the romantic Celtic madwoman in Irish mythology and, in the spirit of her passionate commitment, we dedicate a share of our profits to organizations that help make the ideas our books express reality. For Token Woman we are offering our help to Trickle-up, known worldwide for successfully launching disadvantaged women in their own small businesses, because that´s the way Dectiri would have done it. Horizontal Bar
For news on TW events, articles, news on progress, opportunities to make connections or suggest tactics, visit our Last Straw Revolution pages.

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