LastStraw Revolution

..dedicated to exploring the most promising options for individual dreamers
to rebuild life on this planet for themselves, for their children, and
for those who follow into this millennium

Daily we read research establishing that our current direction in lifestyle is,
to say the least, suboptimal. We eagerly read magazine stories of
experimenters working in exciting alternatives but what is on our doorstep
remains unchanged. The choices offered on our horizon seem suspiciously uninspiring,
merely disguised versions of the same, confining, dead-end paths already
discredited by previous generations. Why this disparity?

How hard is it to turn this ship around anyway?

How do we connect with those making a difference?

Which of the promising alternatives holds a stable route to the future if all around us is still racing toward oblivion? Who will make it through?

I see women as being in the best position to explore those new routes, because women have taken off in new directions before while all the rest held back, clinging to the safety and status of establishment handholds... and there are growing numbers of women eager to start. But the current media is so saturated with establishment spin, authoritarian myth and corporate induced passivity that women´s voices and issues are silenced and distorted, so there´s no way our expeditions will find the level of support nascent explorers need to launch their own varied expeditions... unless...

With LSR, I´m setting out to use the magic of the internet, itself an important part of exploring strategy, to fill this need. To me, the need is greatest among the youngest of our group and especially in math based technologies that were, and are, my field.

With LSR, I will offer you a mathematical eye for evaluating the mysteries we encounter; simulations, either computer generated or real world experiment, to sample the possibilities; summaries and monitoring, as we build new solutions.

With LSR, I will bring you collaborators to show you what it´s like in the adult world to
challenge the taboos, expose the fallacies, evade opposition, and recover from
the real hazards, not the ones that hold the rest back; along with sketches of
doable visions that harness the power of intentionality in our ordinary life choices,
from teen threshhold throughout all adulthood, because life is a work in progress
and we explorers, a diverse group.

As wife and mother, I welcome the men to join us on the journey we´re defining but I write from my point of view without media filters and without apologies for being a woman with a woman´s themes and strategies.

And lastly LSR is named for a little girl who, long ago, was my irresistible invitation to face the unknown and who, with a brave young man, continues to be my magic feather as we face the adventure of travelling the wonder-filled wormholes of alternative futures, building our own dream.

To paraphrase my true love, T.E. Lawrence, "All people dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, waken in the day to think that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are the dangerous ones, for they may act out their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible."

Welcome to LSR.

Every issue of LSR brings you features organized into

SuperNovas, bursting with new hope in the midst of turmoil,
LastStraws, defining promises and contracts that should be radically terminated or avoided,
ButterfliesOfChaos, our allies doing amazing, wonderful projects usually with few resources,
ReconnaisanceHQs, reports of those at risk and their scuttlebutt
and NewLives, news of the how-to for succeeding and clues to wellbeing...

but articles are, in reality added as the opportunity presents itself, and the announcement of the accumulated issue follows later.. come whenever the spirit moves you..
With unfettered vision,
opportunity among the stalemated options...

with investigative reporting,
projections and
what the numbers really mean for us...
with collaborators,
our butterflies of chaos..

space with stories of those at risk,
backlash and reconnaissance..
with events and sights

from our new life...

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Window on the Wormhole
Window on the Wormhole

It´s just a little farther.

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