Welcome to our title tour
of the inaugural issues of the
LastStraw Revolution
LSR By Title

Daycare Debate
The Unjustice System
Economic Shell Games
The Cure

Butterflies of Chaos
Angel Scoop -- Terminal Stroke Magic
Breaking the Silence
SOWLE-- Sheltering Ourselves: Women´s Learning Exchange
Trickle Up
WRDC-- Women Research & Development Center
WAHMfest, WorkAtHomeMothers, MomsNetworkExchange, ExtremeWomen, and more

Incoming Wounded
Futurist Reconnaissance: Impending Depression
Merchant Services
Payphone Provider
Realities in Human Resources
Shortage of Tech Skills & Surplus of Tech Workers
The Rules of Drinking and Ensnarement
Valian´s Model & Its Implications
Waiting for Definity
Y2K Update & How It May Save Us From Worse

New Life
Stats on Income & Stability for HomeBased Businesses
Riding To The Rescue.
Author Events:
-- Token Woman´s Culvert House at the AEA
-- Token Woman and the Search for Community
-- Token Woman and an Alternative Math Curriculum
CEO Training:
A recognizable program and an opportunity!
Millennium Chic:
--Gaviotas has it
--Montana earthseltered quonset home
Simply Gourmand:
--Minimalist philosophy and Mocha Yogurt Icing
--Days of Cabbage Wine and Salads

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