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Featured research project --

Quantifying Intangibles is vitally needed in the corporate decision making, but is not being applied with reasonable honor though it can be and has been... once upon a time.

This ability -- quantifying intangibles -- is also particularly revealing when dealing with activism vs corporate thinking. Corporate press releases and promotions -- as well as defenses of financial decisions -- frequently claim that their management has honored the intangibles that activists are promoting. With some sensitivity explorations, using corporate financial data, and the decision that they are claiming supports both finance and intangibles, the activist can guage the range of importance that the corporate decision makers are actually assigning to the intangibles. .

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The featured project is a confidential example -- a look at an inside application of good-faith negotiation between opposing factions within a multi-national corporation validly using MAU -- multi-attribute utilities -- to resolve a troublesome dilemma.

This story is developed in my book Token Woman -- which book also demonstrates the history of the early applications of
    mathematical modeling,
    expert systems,
    actuarial methods of risk assessment, and
    decision analysis,
as well as non-mathematical insights into organizational structures, maneuvers, and climate in the corporate world.

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