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Featured research project --

A creative and highly productive real estate agent from the Cincinnati area, with a long multimillion dollar sales career spanning multiple states, had wanted to retire but the devastation in the housing market was wreaking havok in his own retirement investing plans. He chose to move to his intended retirement home, re-establish his business in Florida only to have to choose between his online business development and his new broker's enhanced sophisticated system.

When our creative fellow decided to move to his own intended retirement home and attempt to sell his Cincinnati investment home, he was carrying a mountainous mortgage load. Further, the market in Florida was even worse but he saw an opportunity to offer a service to his Florida home-selling clients -- namely the ability to expand their potential selling market to include his connections to Northern agents and clients, not just the failing Florida market -- while simultaneously offering Northern boomers in the Cincinnati area wanting to retire as he was doing the best waterfront information and opportunities. To keep his business expenses to a minimum, he joined forces with a Florida broker who wanted to salvage the Florida agency forces in his home area by attempting to open the online marketing world as well as introducing maximized office services sharing that he hoped to supplement with rental incomes from other office businesses.

The important thing for the Cincinnati fellow was the reduction in fees and office expenses but the website support was less than desirable except for its access to the MLS. There was no way to adapt that website to define and support his own idea of offering a "Northern Exposure" to Florida clients while providing a "Florida Escape Connection" to retirement-planning northern boomers which would be a large, growing market. The operation of his dual-business plan required recruiting active attention from his northern agent contacts, lining up an enticing inventory of waterfront homes, and organizing the support functions for investment usage of that inventory for northern boomer investors while they completed their career changing efforts to retire.

After considerable sessions in defining the operations of his business plan, he came up with a design we wanted for his website expression that did meet his approval. But he was unable to carry the burden of online marketing and its necessary footwork with his unfamiliar turf skills. So the website was not getting the traffic that his online work was supposed to draw, necessitating his website designer to pursue viral marketing and search engine schemes. The real estate agent was pre-occupied with many on-the-ground survival maneuvers and showed little interest and bridled when adamently pursued for coordinating work.

Meanwhile, our agent's broker ran aground with his office rental scheme, and chose to make common cause with a national group of brokers to establish a wider network online using a much more sophisticated website and cutting the physical office concept down to the bone. Now the retiring Cincinnati agent had to decide whether his businessplan-based website -- with its fully developed information -- was necessary since the broker's system allowed its agent-users to customize a few basic pages to roughly present their own business plan. It was necessary to do a customized presence on the broker's system anyway and by doing that, his relationships with the local broker and the founder of the national network would be stronger. Enter a decision with its turning points.

Join us for a decision analytic presentation
and the history of a Florida Escape Connection .

For your entertainment, enjoy the creative original website with its multifaceted operation support. Enter ANorthernExposure/FloridaEscapeConnection

The investment 'Nexus' operation was supported by realestate investment planning spreadsheets for member-clients to meet custom opportunities.

The northern agency network -- just beginning to take shape -- would have the support of viral marketing-potent flyers for the amazing opportunities in waterfront homes, plus a strongly incentivized commission sharing scheme.

Special viral marketing databases, a proposed auditor's database, and search-engine click-thru target advertising pages all added dimensions to the dual-business plan.

Or choosing this standard industry webpresence. Which still does not offer syndication online-footwork.

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