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Featured research project --

A predatory bank, a homestead on a property whose value was about to rise spectacularly because of publics works project for historic and scenic development of the township, and two elderly sisters dependent on lawyers, bank trust managers. Neighbors who had an unseamly interest in acquiring more land with investment potential and were landscaping bigots. A recipe for big excitement if the sisters could pull themselves free of the usual domination by lawyers.

Decision support required delving into fiduciary responsibility by bank trust managers, real estate valuation based on appraisal formulas, auditors legal requirements, and probate filings. .

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The featured project is a solution to a troublesome dilemma where personal financial agreements complicate a subsequent attempt to survive a criminal bank trustee's unsavory handling of their fiduciary trustfunds, leaving two elderly sisters homeless, while their parent's homestead is sold out from under them to a neighbor who was aware of coming property value appreciations and took advantage of their weakness. Lawyers, saw no profit in challenging a powerful bank, and chose to divert their pro-bono clients into fighting among themselves, to "protect" their individual interests. The trail starts here.

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