To you all in the Ohio Valley.... You are invited
Down in the valley, the Peak is so near...
Together, let's create a site that:
    1) Offers a vision of sustainability;

    2) Welcomes alternative visions of sustainability;

    3) Insists on also asking and talking about practical steps toward that particular vision of sustainability;

    4) That permits add-on sites of relevant information, such as

    5) And also locations that are very real but do not yet have a website, but do have a brochure which can be viewed and downloaded/printed from this site, such as Farm to Market CSA. I have it on CD.
      I would like to make it an interactive site, where people can ask questions and place orders, perhaps. A BIG problem is that farmers are notoriously jealous of their time, mostly spent in the fields, or sleeping when they come into the house after 12 hours in the field. Spring time is intensely busy for farmers. Time is short and so are tempers. They do NOT like, usually, to fool around online answering pesky questions. So, 'tis a problem to be addressed. Yet, in this day and age of the omnipresent computer, I personally do not see how a CSA can survive in this current world without a website and active link.

      Shady Grove Farm, also to be found at Findlay Market, manages to put out a cheery live message about once a week. Maybe we can get her, Nan, to join Farm to Market with her garden stuff and preserves, as well as take over the active on-line part. She's a person who likes to be in charge. I'll speak with her.
    6) With prolonged discussions online, sometimes. Frequent references to AEA's alternate/efficient energy events as well as activities like the Bluegrass Expo, or Green Ohio, or AEA tours.

    7) Addies of other sites of interest, with suitable comments, such as yours about Sustainable Tompkins not being very oriented to practical, adoptable steps.

    8) An on-line community that refuses to be just a 'virtual' community', but which comes together in face-to-face and hands-on gatherings and activities at places such as Findlay Market and perhaps Sallie Ransohoff's farm in Batavia, or Gretchen Vaughn's picnics at her Maysville farm.

Talk to us about moving toward sustainability...