J. H. Raichyk, Ph.D.
(513) 947-0407
PO Box 54050
Cincinnati OH, 45254

Developing alternative mathematics curriculum, to encompass critical life skills as well as honoring a wide range of learning styles. Projects involve researching legal tactics and civil liberties, home construction and engineering, natural landscaping, alternative and vital energies. Identifying mathematics required for young adult application of decision analysis, project management, risk assessment, simulations & modeling, Active in local homeschooling communities in administrative capacities, as well as presenting education research & resource workshop at teen/parent meetings and annual conference in summer 1999.

Establishing the online presence for Dectiri and for the zine Last Straw Revolution. Researching paper and electronic publishing, including industry presence, promoting, writing, editing and typesetting stages.

Coaching Operations Management classes at Northern Kentucky University 1997-1998
Researching eco-village concepts, management by consensus, 1995-1996, with presentation to conference, Sheltering Ourselves - Women´s Learning Exchange in October 1998 in Cincinnati

Built fax and email networks, expanding media coverage. Steering committee member.
Organizing SIG, including presentation, "On the Road to an Underground House", for 1998.
Promoting video coverage of locally evaluated alternate energy solutions.
Developed membership through listserv concept, as well as designing pages for website.
Developed local interest segments for "Strawbale Home for the Holidays" 2001.

Established financial planning and income generating opportunities to match timing and resources to both community and member needs. Instrumental in developing Master Plan. Occasional facilitator for weekly and monthly meetings. Active in outreach programs for local acceptance and in support of membership.

Built datalinks between Allied and Federated systems for transition phase of takeover so that on-going financial processes were never interrupted either by major accounting conversions or by staff reductions.

Developed ad hoc systems to enable management to meet bankruptcy court requirements for massive amounts of data under record time and evolving definitions from filing and claims management teams.

Replaced troubled segments and extended capabilities of current financial system enabling reduced staffs to turn data projects/publications around in substantively reduced timeframes. Improved access to company databases at divisions and home office.

Built systems to support management´s continuing cost reduction efforts in the consolidation of accounting, accounts payable, and other functions. Expanded expense reporting and planning systems. Automated yearend in-transit and LIFO reporting. Built databases, checked data-integrity, and restructured existing data to generate histories for new mergers and re-orgs and to accommodate legal entity reporting for merged divisions.

Rescued Benefits team as deadline approached so that the company avoided massive IRS penalties. The project involved the collection and analysis of millions of conflicting records from diverse sources, calculation of revised pension benefits and production of legal notification letters to thousands of employees.

Supported a broad spectrum of research, planning and development activities and departments by implementing computer based mathematical models or statistical analyses, by consulting on mathematical or statistical questions, by extracting requested information from company data bases, and by testing related software and hardware.

Initiated and developed computerized financial planning package to aid divisions and improve time limits for Corporate analysts. Developed database for Open-to-Buy analyses to reduce lead-time preparation and improve turnaround. Models included STORYTIME, analyses of store remodels and acquisitions, and SIMON and SCAMP, for merchandise planning.

Developed reserving analysis system for major lines, statutory reporting calendars, inventory systems for collateral, agents, and GAAP offsets; systems to analyze end-of-month data for crosssection reporting, for accumulation of management data bases and for projection of year-end results; a merit system for data entry personnel; and a mailing label system. Implemented the corporate planning system and a variety of accounting projects.

Developed and implemented NELLY, a computerized commercial fire underwriting system with training capability. Projects included decision support systems for Personnel´s company mortgage problem, Claims´ asbestosis litigation, and Marketing´s new product pricing.

Mathematical models included ORACLE, to simulate the interaction between underwriting results and investment results; FORTUNES, stochastic models for investments; and REDINK, to simulate the impact on claim reporting patterns of major changes in portfolio size.

Earlier Mathematical models included CRYSTALBALL for the interaction between growth and expense, and HOUDlNl to simulate changes in reserving practices.

Responsible for computer modeling and decision support for major management decisions. Results were the subject of a special presentation to an international underwriting conference in London, England.

Projects included quantification of risk levels in underwriting assessments and bid formulation on unusual accounts, decision analysis consulting, corporate planning reports, and monthly cross-sectional analysis and histories of underwriting results.

Other projects included ratemaking programs, measurement of claims reserving adequacy and trends, portfolio size monitoring, underwriting audit analysis, claim frequency monitoring.