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Videographer´s Package

Incredible Savings,
All Functionality Bases Covered
and All Barely Out of the Box

This suite of broadcast quality software and hardware was run only briefly on our original machine
-- an IBM Aptiva Series E500, with 128Meg of RAM and 8 Gig HD, plus 4x DVDRom, --
before we decided to switch back to the Mac/Canon world for our nonlinear editing work within a few months of getting all set up in 2001.

For the couple test projects we used it on, it worked fine and we considered the benefits of dual platforms. Our time to develop both was too limited. Our only problem with the system was our preference for Macs and part was the color differences in Canon and Sony which made dual camera work projects incompatible in mixed systems so one of our systems had to go, ideally while their features were hot.

As a result, some lucky person will get a complete setup for a fraction of its value. We invite you to match it to the market for getting started now with similar systems by searching the databanks at, for fast, thorough comparison shopping.

Use PayPal or
send your money order/certified check for $1,500 to:
M. Raichyk
Bergerac Productions
PO Box 54050
Cincinnati OH 45254

Shipping UPS Ground is included in the price.
For questions, contact us at Bergerac at Earthlink
or by phone at (513) 947-0407

Consider this list of power items...

SONY DCR-TR7000 Digital8 camcorder
    plus, to import video for editing, we added
Studio DV200 software and firewire/board for digital capture from seven-time Emmy Award winning Pinnacle Systems
their Studio DC10 software and AV-board for analog capture
    plus an array of nonlinear editing software:
Lightwave 3D [6] for modeling and animation,
Adobe Premiere [5.0] for the video editing,
RayDreams Studio [5.5] to generate 3D landscapes.

Produce Hollywood-style movies with this combination of systems.

Capture DV tape footage, by individual image or by batch... archive and organize your clips with speed and ease. Capture analog footage using the dedicated port and board.

Preview, raw edit, integrate analog clips, compose soundtracks, voice-overs, scene transitions, and titles. Use the power of your computer to do nonlinear editing, export segments of your timeline, make tapes, and optimize streaming video for email and the web.

Generate fully 3D animation, characters and landscape, with sophisticated surface modeling tools, expressions, scripting language, fog, flares, reflections... the works. Render with industry standard quality and speed. Integrated volumetrics and texture layering system. Do it all.

Do all this with the package as it is now for $1,500, or use it to upgrade now, saving $3,000 on Lightwave 7 and Adobe Premiere 6, for as little as $650 more at stores online and have the absolute latest versions of these award winning, polished yet stunningly simple, professional tools.

Check your system for compatibility:
Windows NT, Pentium 266 or better,
minimum 64Meg of RAM,
2 free PCI slots,
CDRom for installation,
minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels,
and a Gig of free HD space would be nice, though the compression capability of this system is impressive.