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Author and royalty
Mya Raichyk is one of those gifted young people who always knew she wanted to be a writer. In charge of her own education, Raichyk shaped her ideal fantasy writer´s program founded on years of extensive reading of the best in her field and supported by an ever-present folio of fantasy writing projects and a comprehensive array of content and context research.

In science, she favored archeology, astronomy and natural history. Together with her interests in geography and the dynamics of history, especially of periods of resistance movements, these choices contribute to her skills in creating richly developed alternate worlds for her stories and RPGs. With an appreciation of real, tangible characters, Raichyk studied folk weaving, alternative healing arts, wholesome kitchen skills, and mystic traditions, from tarot to runes and meditation. Her continuing interest in Indonesian martial arts -- and for a while, archery -- add dimension to her action scenes, while her aptitude in Celtic dance and enjoyment of ocarina playing offer vibrancy to her characters.

As a teen, Raichyk spent a year working and living in an eco-village in the BlueRidge Mountains of Virginia, among craftspeople and creative spirits. There she pursued her interests in theater games, climate change studies, consensus skills, emergency preparedness, sustainability studies and pioneering skills.

For her art she chose animé drawing and origami for its intricate twists and folding. Even her math program, with its emphasis on logic, risk assessment, decision analysis and project management, validate her art of plot development.

She shares her enjoyment of writing and RPG with a circle of talented young women writers in the Cincinnati area, following that area´s tradition in Sci-fi with the next generation of fantasy writers. Together with her videographer brother and her researcher mother, Raichyk is exploring the world of cyber hobbits, building their own earth sheltered dream home and ultimate creative independence. Join her as she spins captivating tales to explore what could be -- now, somewhere in our future or, long ago in a far, far distant world.