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Back in the spring of 2000 we contacted the Milk Bank Coordinator in NC to see what news they had at that initial stage when we'd just posted the article on The Cure. They had apparently noted about 30 cancer patients beginning to pursue this option. Being strictly charged only with processing and fulfilling needs, they had no formal requirements of reporting results, just a caring interest. Nevertheless, there had already been information accumulating that there were noticable improvements in nutrient absorption thereby minimizing the wasting syndrome that afflicts cancer patients. In addition there was a reduction in secondary infections. Both these could be considered expected results, since mother´s milk is effective against pneumonia, for example.
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When I checked back in the fall of 2002, in response to a website query, there was even better news. Although the Milk Banks do not have the staff and resources to monitor individual experiments by their patients, word had reached them of a very special case. This patient on the west coast had requested unpastuerized mother´s milk and had achieved remission, a possible cure!!

The story of this case is/was online in great detail at the patient´s website.

The history of this patient´s odyssey is both realistic and impressive. It was a case of prostate cancer, one type not yet mentioned in the mother´s milk research literature, and so a step forward in itself. Interesting in its humanity, instead of putting all his faith in one method, he chose a combination with an herbal therapy. But being science-inclined he chose to monitor his results with regular standard testing and this proved to be very enlightening as he struggled to manage the process.

He had to go from a privately arranged source to getting approvals for his custom request at a milk bank and their subsequent conflict with health department rules but these periods and diversions on his quest to use mother´s milk show a definite correlation between improvements in his test results and his success in accessing a supply of unpastuerized mother´s milk. Being aware of the non-standard approach that he needed to take because of changes in supply and also periods of less than co-operation by his physician, as well as the fact that he was a sample of one -- one being all anyone should have to figure out in any holistic approach -- this patient presents every detail, trying to maintain a scrupulously open-minded offering to his readers and listeners. An amazing display of patient guided and managed medicine.

Valuable insights into the processing, handling and testing of the milk give a clear signal of confidence that avoiding pastuerization is a viable choice both medically and operationally, and a way we see being effective. Now, other patients can emulate and adapt the same wonderful coup.
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This result now opens a new list of questions. How successful will the pharmaceutical approach be when the components of milk they are replicating are stripped of whatever is lost in pasteurization?

But most fascinating is the speculation on what that something is! The parallel between this mystery and the difficult research history on raw foods over the last century is practically unavoidable. The group currently pursuing answers to the extent of, and the rationale behind, the potency of what some have termed "living foods", were the next destination on our agenda of explorations and the picture there is not only stunning but immediately useful.

Join us for a detour we did not choose in our investigation of the secret of raw food.
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