The Plea


From: Mary-Jane Newborn
2678 Newtown Road
Cincinnati OH 45244
January 7, 2004

Our rural home, 3.35 acres wooded, fallow, forever organic land, in Anderson Township, eleven miles from downtown Cincinnati, is in immediate danger of "devilopment." Gorgeous location, with breathtaking long and wide view, surrounded by woods, needs Earth-conscious buyer to preserve ecosystem.

Abuts Forest Hills School District property, and County land with bike/hike trail coming through by 2006. Elementary and High schools, and Unitarian church nearby. Secluded, private gravel road, septic tank, cistern, propane tank. Electricity and telephone only grids.

Mature walnut, maple, and pine trees. Home to diverse species of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and wildflowers. About to be sold at deep discount for $108,000, half its taxable value. Arcane trust law enables eviction of my sister, 73, and me from our home since 1946, mostly hand-built by our father. Sister´s health problems persuade her to capitulate and move into senior housing.

Prime location for environmental home, organization or education center. Anyone who can buy, cherish and steward this sacred site, please save this bit of Earth by making better offer.

Also, home needed for me, 4 cats and large potted plant, by March 15th. Thank you for passing this on. Mary-Jane Newborn

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