Incident as Reported by Victim:

In late November 2006, someone had entered the crawlspace behind the house, removed 5 or so 2inch long screws that secured the plumbing access-cover, opened the access, took out all the insulation protecting the water supply pipes from freezing. They gathered all screws, cover, and insulation and took it all away with them, presumably to reduce notice & delay fixability.

After exposing the water supply pipes to winter freezing, they entered the crawlspace at the front of the house, uncovered the BCRWA controls, turned on the water flow from the road water main to ensure that water damage to victim's house would occur when the pipes broke later, apparently knowing that victim would not yet be occupying victim's home to detect the problem before damage to house and its infrastructure was massive from uncontrolled incoming water.

Although freeze damage did destroy the BCRWA pressure reducer, victim had luckily installed a second shutoff valve behind the BCRWA controls as part of the boiler drain control. Victim discovered the open plumbing access 11/27/06, patched that up, sent complaint to the BCBoard of Health and to the BC Commissioner about BC official access to victim's property (the emails were included in the report). Victim didn't discover the remainder of the criminal's damage until May while preparing to test the water system.