The neighbors, the former trustee of a neighboring township, and the water association contact agree

After struggling through the criminality in Brown County's Crimefighting Forces for a year in 2006 and then defeating the harassment and slander in 2007, then next studying and acing the mound installers' program to know the designers role according to state law, and finally sending an official package of evidence on Steve Dick's behavior to each and every Brown County Board of Health Member -- directly, since the BC Health Department administration was clearly not to be trusted with such a dynamite task as this package contained -- at the beginning of December of 2007, detailing the entire history, including the embarrassment that Steve Dick had caused to Brown County in their neighbor's Health Department, we waited.

We had asked, among other expectations that the very least they should insist on for the Health Department to implement was that we would require a DIFFERENT inspection crew than was under Steve Dick's control. This is what we found out was done in other counties when there was a serious dispute between an inspector and a citizen wanting and deserving health department services.

Apparently, even with the entire month of December to study such requests and evidence of amazing behavior and stunning consequences in the neighboring county, the Board was claimed to have been unable to figure out what we wanted them to do. And why we had sent them such a document.

Are they real? Or did the Administrator 'somehow' manage to confuse the issue?

See for yourself if you could figure out what we had been explaining to the Board, to help them deal with their "dirty laundry" and to get our house's infrastructure completed with the inspection services of a decent alternative environmental services director, like maybe Ralph Benson in Clermont County, or any of their knowledgable sanitarians. Even just looking at the cover letter, it's impossible to imagine any excuse for Steve Dick not being terminated and a decent representative, even among the younger sanitarians due for promotion, replacing him. At the very least the request for an alternate sanitarian, free of such criminal behavior, was requested. What would you do?

In May of 2008, there was another incident, which we contacted the Brown County Rural Water Association about. They confirmed that the only way there could have been such debris coming out of our outdoor water faucet was if someone had again undone our crawlspace protection -- since enhanced but not completed -- and turned off the water supply for the moment while they went to the outdoor faucet and stuffed debris up into the water supply to contaminate our drinking water if we were using the house water, unfiltered, for drinking. Then turned the main BCRWA controls back on, and replaced the coverings for the crawlspace to make it appear as if nothing had happened.

Considering the impossibility of getting decent support for our safety and for the safety of our vulnerable home, we consulted a lot of people whose opinions we respected and they were unanimous in saying we should ignore the regulations and move into our home to protect it and our future. Even famous writers on law in the past have said such would be their choice, break the law and be decent citizens. So now are we outlaws? So far further incidents are not being perpetrated. Has Steve Dick been neutralized? We shall see what we shall see.