A false move by the prosecutor's secretary reveals the identity
of an anonymous misuser of the Clermont County's health department's scarce resources for Seniors.
Namely Steve Dick made a slanderous call to waste the time of the Clermont Health Department and to harass us. Obviously he was acting without BC official authority to do any such thing. However, he thought he was able to bamboozle the helping people of Clermont County.
Those who challenge Steve Dick's credibility -- seriously -- may take note and pleasure in his slip-up and subsequent exposure, even disgracing himself in front of his friend(s) at the BC Prosecutor's Office. Because after this incident was reported to him by his own connection in Clermont, BC Assistant Prosecutor, Chris Erhardt -- who had originally been dragged into this tangle with the BCHD by Steve Dick and his dummy accomplice, Danette York -- did talk to us by phone and say that "at least now with the changes in the septic system laws, I could have the system I could want and Dick could not impose his own rules." Obviously Chris Erhardt thought we'd be able to expect the BCHD Administrator, and the Board of Health with their Health Commissioner, to back us up and get outside help for us. Unfortunately, he was overly optomistic, as you will see later.

What Steve Dick did to harass 'victim' was to anonymously abuse Clermont County's Senior Services over-taxed but caring staff and finances by sending them on a wild-goose chase after a slightly demented, elderly woman whose home in Brown County was not livable and she was refusing help from the health department employwees. This anonymity ploy was exposed and defeated by the handwritten comments on the fax sent for the anonymous caller, which were supplied by the Clermont Senior's Team Leader, as you will see in this letter:
Surprise for Clermont Seniors' Services Team Looking for Senile Victim of Likely Family Abusiveness

Next: What the Clermont County Commissioners found out from our discovery of the fax Letter to the Clermont Commissioners, thanking them for their help with Steve Dick's problems. which they responded to, formally, with encouragement to take this evidence to the Brown County Board of Health and their Health Commissioner, Dr. Christofer Haas. How much their servile-tokenwoman Administrator was revealing to the Board and her overseeing mentor, Haas, was never determined, yet.

Actual copies of the faxes from Brown County's Prosecutors office and the official phone record of Steve Dick's anonymous slandering are also available for your entertainment, if you are so interested as to offer to help.