Deafening Silence from the Brown County Official Justice Forces
When presented with Columbo's evidence and analysis:

When we contacted, by phone, the detective -- Don Wagner -- to whom the incompetent deputy reported and told him the details of the case, he agreed that the case was misrepresented as 'mischief' and should have been 'damaging'. But when we further showed the line of evidence leading to the 'prime suspect', the detective slowed his interest and advised 'victim' should take the matter to the Brown County Health Dept, because.. "it's their dirty laundry".

End of conversation. No further interest from the Sheriff's office, no returned calls either. No response to our justification for challenging their collaborative defensive position, worked out between the Sheriff's Office and the Prosecutor's Office. Letter of challenge

Similar tactics were set in motion by the Prosecutor's Office, to whom we also wrote, with evidence of their misconduct. Letter of protest

As for the Health Department's Administrator, she suddenly declined to receive any further contact from us by email and insisted that every thing we wanted had to be handled by snail mail. For what reason, I'm not certain, since we simply sent our FOIAs and other service requests and suggestions for her to consider by snail mail -- for her own liability in management when an employee is a prime suspect in serious crimes -- even though slower and annoying. But whatever her idea was, it may have been that she was intimidated by our vaunted -- in her limited experience -- thrill in helping people get more done with their computer resources and so we had helped her with a couple ideas, which she nervously refused to try, saying their computers were the territory of the ODH guru who did their maintenance. Whether the BCHD ever benefited from our suggestions to enable them to write pdfs which they surely should have known how to to if they'd been attending to the help documents, the idea that she was afraid we had a vaunted supply of viral attackers in our hands was never mentioned by anyone, yet illogical behavior leaves much to the imagination.

Eventually, we received a rather hostile letter from the Assistant Prosecutor's office that said we had the right to address our public servants as we wished but that Steve Dick, accompanied by Danette York apparently, were claiming that we were writing vague and threatening memos to Ms York and making Steve Dick alarmingly unable to perform his duties. So I sent the Prosecutor all the emails (by snail mail since the Prosecutor didn't have an office email and he did not want us to use his private email addresss which his secretary had once said when she gave it to us that it was for crime prevention backroom activities) and the emails demonstrated that there was no threatening content and that the alleged vagueness was simply the caution to handle 'prime suspect' information without being defamatory under legal definitions.

After due consideration, the Prosecutor denied Steve Dick his claim and told him that if he still had problems, he -- Steve Dick -- should get himself his own civil lawyer and fund his claims himself, which ended that allegation, rapidly, since Steve Dick was reputed (by Ms York herself at the October Board Meeting) to be taking other people's credit and dodging effort in department operations.

Since the Health Department was closing ranks and protecting the 'prime suspect' and the local constablary said the 'prime suspect' was health department dirty laundry, we pursued information from other sanatarian resources, from Clermont County where we were living then, all the way to the OnSiteWasteWater group that certifies installers, to the EPA regionals and to the ODH (Ohio Dpt of Health) themselves, looking for the right place to lodge our evidence. They all turned us down, with open eyes, saying things like that's not their responsibility and in the case of ODH, that it was so embarassing to hear such things about their local departments and they didn't want to hear anymore. The 'hear no evil' monkeys... (sorry, monkeys)

So we scratched our head and thought again about the local scene, getting ideas from neighbors and friends and others whom we know had experience with county government within our own family, like our dear Ralph Sandoz, former Trustee of Colerain Township in Hamilton county and then still Trustee of a large union. Their collaboration was greatly appreciated and we pursued many of their suggestions, endlessly seeing how far each would go. Then more 'hit the fan'.