The Discovery:

When the detective tells you to go away somewhere else because.. "it's their dirty laundry". And closes the door on any further contact with you. You wonder why you were believing they would actually consider undermining another department. This was a felony. Not just laundry. Political Paybacks? For a sheriffs's detective? Didn't seem quite right.

And no interest from the Prosecutor's office was even more strange since they would revere the law's integrity and be adamant in its interpretation? Or not? Also political paybacks?

We won't even speculate on the health department's silence, since the administrator admitted that she knew nothing about the sanitation areas and was not about to start learning anything at this point. End of her herstory story.

So what could be the reason? Do you suppose that the fact would matter that we discovered that the 'prime suspect' was also a member of the Sheriff's team of 'Environmental Crime' fighters!!!

And do you suppose it made any difference to the Prosecutor's office that Steve Dick was likely the EPA contact for the Prosecutor's big city ambitions a few years back that created the 'Environmental Crime Unit', complete with a snazzy van-wagon and a special assigned officer/driver??? No hardly any possible connection, since those big Federal connections to Dayton and Cincinnati are where newsworthy things got attention. Of course a survey of the website for the EPA regional activities of the crimefighting crews from the surrounding counties participating in this operation, was amazingly empty of anything from or for Brown County. Consistently Dayton and Cincinnati. But the Prosecutor and the Sheriff sure had fun rubbing elbows with the big city brass.

And do you suppose that Brown County's budget, thoroughly strapped and scraping bottom, could afford such prominance?

And do you suppose the Sheriff's budget was so grand, when he was unable to keep the jail open for the court's line-up of convictions? The sheriff pulled a fast number on the county, closed the jail saying he didn't have enough staff to provide safety and sent the convicted men to adjacent counties -- which strategy ran up a nice big bill for the county to pay upkeep for those convicted men's room and board. Which resulted in the Sheriff getting more money from the Commissioners, with the likely objection to such extortionary tactics by the lone woman commissioner, Margery Paeltz, whom we had informed earlier about this 'environmental crime unit' extravagance.

And do you suppose that Brown County had other useful things to do with this snazzy paddy wagon for local needs? Well one officer -- off the record, of course -- called the operation as it should likely be called... namely that it was used for zoning infractions, like grass policeman assaulting country-freedom enjoying homeowners with 'junk cars' on their lawn. Sure was an environmental nightmare!

See for your self, using google like we did. If you have a problem with this idea check out this evidence we can show you what we sent to the Brown County's lone real Commissioner, Margery Paeltz. Just ask.