Things to notice:

The damage wasn't careless installation because the insulation adjacent to the open access/exposed plumbing was light pink and clean, which indicated the cover had been removed only very recently -- namely within days of the discovery date of 11-27 -- not even spider webs. Installers were doing their work 9 months before and the crawlspace was already quite dust covered and muddy from the recent extremely rainy fall having made inroads against our original rainshield.

Nor was the water not carefully and responsibly drained from the BCRWA equipment before mid-November. The plumbing had been worked on early in November and then winterized, including draining all the water in the pipes to the house beyond the BCRWA shutoff, using the boiler drain and afterwards wrapping the controls, now empty, with an inch thick layer of polyethylene foam sheeting, which plumbing work was all done by victim's family, focussing on getting victims' home safely prepared properly which was their habit at end of workday. Victim had done their close-down chores responsibly with their home every night for the entire 9 months that the home was on their lot, and their equipment and tools similarly carefully stowed every night for the even longer period while they worked on clearing and foundation work before the house had been delivered. Turning the BCRWA controls on had been done by the intruder. Why?

Victim had been coming with absolutely clockwork regularity at that point, not missing a single day without at least two of them being there in the early evening. After dark this entire attempted damaging would have been impossible in the dark depths of the crawl space. Criminal had to have come in broad daylight.

Criminal was aware that the house was vacant -- and even that the victims' normal timetable was after normal working hours and staying til after dark -- because even though there were vehicles and construction equipment -- only some under wraps -- parked in varying diverse areas of the lot during the period at all times, the criminal was not deterred. How would he/she know that there would be no interception as he/she took the time to scope out the location of the plumbing accesses, then find one out of sight of the road, then unblock the sidewall rainshield, unscrew 5-6 two inch long screws, pull out the insulation, gather everything up, restore the rain shield, locate the water supply controls, unblock their rainshield, turn on the flow, replace the rain shield, and make his/her way to escape. All with no overriding concern about being intercepted by someone living/working there at that moment, taking time to be very careful, BUT giving no strange appearance. Someone living there would have known who had the right to be there and been intercepting and questioning strangers on private property. And there were signs of life on the worksite indicating to anyone not familiar with victim's workhabits that victim was somewhere on-site, yet criminal was not deterred by the signs of life on the site. Either criminal would have a solid-sounding excuse for his/her presence or criminal knew that victim's habits would make it safer to do damaging in broad daylight.

Criminal was not a momentary vandal -- like a sick teenager -- getting momentary kicks from violent action against a defenseless piece of property like a mailbox.

Criminal was not a scavenger seeking copper tubing because such an opportunist would recognize the unlikeliness of finding any expensive piping in a doublewide where it is well known that the manufactured housing business has legendarily found every corner to cut, and the criminal's extra step of turning on the water to increase damage all points to other motives.

Since criminal avoided stirring too much notice by neighbors by obvious groping clumsily for accesses, criminal must have known where to look for any plumbing access openings, apparently possessing knowledge of code plumbing design requirements such as drains would roughly correlate with plumbing vent locations. Water supply would have been harder to locate without familiarity with the required excavation flags. This signifies more knowledge than most homeowners and most people in general.

Criminal curiously bypassed nearer, more convenient, plumbing access covers, possibly partly because criminal's damage was more likely to be noticed, as was he/she more likely to be noticed at some places by passersby or neighbors. OTOH, some other access covers were bypassed that would have been out of sight of neighbors and more easily reached yet they did not choose those. In fact criminal chose the one most likely to delay discovery by victim or workers -- specifically a site away from potentially frequented construction work areas like the electric access or the house sewer work area because criminal apparently recognized/knew that house sewer work was in progress. How would he/she know this since work areas were carefully maintainable? And in fact, the intruder chose the furthest access under the house, making notice of the gaping opening less likely and possibly the intruder was knowledgeable enough to realize that the further-distant access would expose the water supply lines, not just the drain lines more reachable quickly. Supply lines being the most vulnerable and with constant water in them IF the water supply controls were not shut off and the supply lines emptied. All of which suggests someone seeming to be not frantically hurried to get done and gone, not taking the most quickly locatable and out of sight targets but instead being very knowledgeable of options and very careful to go even further to increase likelihood of total damaging.

Criminal came supplied with the 'right' tools, which in this case were not the standard household toolcase types, flatheads, allens and phillips. Nor was there was any destruction debris from forced entry. Tools were at the ready, in hand, no hanging around visible to neighbors or passersby, needing to return to a vehicle for other tools when the more common tools didn't fit.

Further those screw drivers are characteristic tools for those who inspect or work on the plumbing in the plumbing accesses of doublewides, decidedly narrowing the list of suspects. This would point more to the plumbing inspector but in fact the septic inspector is also the private well water system authority in Brown County, so in order to be able to access the water pipes under a doublewide with a well, this individual would clearly be requiring exactly these screwdrivers.

In fact according to the quality control manager at the factory where victim's house was built, all the doublewide manufacturers use the same type of screw/driver for their plumbing access covers, though undoubtedly the manufacturing crew would be using a power-driver for those screws. This conclusion is precisely why victim was adamantly contacting the County Health Department and warning them of the fact that their staff people were the prime suspects in this criminal damaging case.

Criminal took all protective pieces away -- why? -- not for their value to anyone but the victim -- why then? -- to delay fixability, to reduce notice of disturbance and discovery, to increase likelihood of severe damaging, to remove any obtainable evidence that could be traced to a specific person (almost, that is). The plywood cover, the screws -- all clumsy to handle -- could much more easily be stashed flat and unnoticeable further under the the belly of the house in the crawlspace or pitched into the vacant lot adjacent. Victim has been around the perimeter for other work and has not seen any plywood cover. Victim totally combed the crawlspace whose bottom is protected by an easily searchable vapor barrier with no sign of any such screws. Extreme care could suggest criminal's extreme desire to avoid personal discovery as well as extreme desire to be damaging to victim -- discovery would have then represented extreme loss to undo the satisfaction of damaging the target victim.

Criminal took other steps to ensure extreme damage by making sure the water supply to the house was turned on, not just simple quick exposure of the supply piping -- why? -- to satisfy what other motive and/or because he/she possibly was accustomed to some gothic concept or self-satisfying standards of effectiveness, or possibly with further goals and knowledge of extreme key vulnerability of victim, suggesting criminal knew a lot more about victim than most people would know. Who would know and how would the criminal know so much about victim's affairs?

Was victim famous? Not in the usual circles. Maybe among DIY/professional construction resource circles, among energy-efficiency and conservation circles, and also among management operations circles at NKU and in the retail and insurance corporate decision makers level, plus most recently at the health department where victim had divulged complete official reasons and data to justify needing to live on-site for the winter as presented in victim's dozen-paged blackwater variance proposal submitted to the Health Dept which suddenly re-stirred up animosity from the sewage inspector, Steve Dick, as well as animosity from his office mate, Jay Burns, plumbing inspector, because of -- in Burn's case -- his animosity toward ANY idea of water conserving greywater systems such as were planned to be in victim's plumbing design for the blackwater proposal implementation so as to reduce excessively expensive septic pumping requirements to minimum tank capacity actually used, not the arbitrary 'usual' monthly schedule. If such a greywater-reuse system proved itself as Clermont County's example had done, then other people could afford better terms for housing transitions.

Criminal was not a thief, nothing was taken but items with potential for evidence and/or damage severity related potential, even though there was certainly -- and obviously -- more valuable tools and equipment to be profitably gotten at least by a prepared thief with knowledge and tools. Yet nothing was disturbed. Absolutely nothing.

Since clumsy accessing of the BCRWA controls would involve clearly strange looking behavior by someone-not-the-owner and right in the front of the house and since none of the neighbors saw such groping in broad daylight, then criminal apparently knew where the BCRWA controls would likely be in order to quickly select the right part of the rainshield to remove and drop out of sight as he/she entered the crawlspace. And further, he/she took these steps -- inspite of the risk of visibility out front -- to ensure that extreme damaging to victim was a virtual certainty in that freeze-likely weather period at the end of November. Why!

The criminal damaging activity chosen would not benefit anyone who was speculating in real estate nor wanting to open prospects for employment in home repair -- of which there were a few in the area -- because the extreme-ness of the damage sought by this criminal would have likely wiped out the opportunity for easy profit from resale of a home thus structurally damaged -- flooring, insulation, foundation, plumbing, electrical, hvac, structure collapse. And, in the case of employment-seeking, the resources to hire anyone would have been unlikely from a victim with new-home-reduced resources. And who would pay to have demolition work to be done, not the owner, not a subsequent buyer hoping for real estate profit.

In the event that this extreme-ness was indicative of extreme animosity toward the victim, presumeably also implying considerable attentive knowledge of the victim's circumstamces, the criminal may have even been privy to the knowledge that a doublewide without fully completed utilities -- in this case a septic system -- cannot be insured for more than two months after delivery and that victim's home was well past that limit, leaving victim clearly vulnerable to some criminal with knowledge of the economic circumstances of victim's home construction.

By contrast the installer who told us about this aforementioned conversation with the disparaging Health Dept official, was simply using the victim's long DIY ordeal as a selling point for increasing such installer's own prominance as a faster, easier, more practical alternative to DIY in the minds of potential new clients. He considered victim's experience useful to him, and presumeably to other installers with whom victim had no contact, nor any reason to feel rejected since these installers were not competing for victim's installation project. People not aware of victim until told of victim's lengthy ordeal are totally improbable as suspects whereas some privy Health Dept individuals were quite aware of -- and hostile toward -- victim's novel ideas.

The animosity of those individuals in the Health Department toward the victim -- as well as other Brown County homeowners who have chosen to do novel systems to improve their own home and pioneer their own idea of progress in alternative construction compared to the systems currently mandated -- mandated by those same angry individuals in the health department -- is legendary among installers and among their pioneering clients.

Talk to David Rose of 2575 Oakland Locust Ridge Rd whose PuraFlow system's hi-tech electronic controls were exposed to the rain by one of those Health Department individuals -- namely the septicsystem inspector -- after an angry inspection session apparently devoted to nothing more substantive than whether the controls should be programmed in 'hours and minutes' or only in minutes. David Rose was also the one, who was required to sign a statement absolving the Health Dept of all responsibility for problems if he went ahead with the Puraflow system, which system however is viewed favorably and was accepted and done successfully in Clermont County's experience.

This same Health Dept inspector appears not to have told the Board of Health that he had authorized a no-chiselplowed mound for David Rose. And because of that health department individual's in-house authority-status and professional word, the Board's belief in his mandate was the only basis for their insistence that victim not be permitted -- nor was it ever permitted to anyone according to the Board, to have -- this no-chiselplowed option when victim insisted this option was needed for victim's woodsy, clayey land. The victim further insisted that such option was consistent with the wisconsin design's rules, and had so demonstrated in documents submitted to the Health Dept. That design rule consistency claimed by victim has since been confirmed by the University of Wisconsin bio-engineering designer of the mound system, Prof James Converse. That BCHD inspector's rejection of the no-chiselplowing option was affirmed also as appropriate to have been expected based on the inspector's revered authority according to the BCHD Head Administrator -- Danette York -- who coincidentally is the notary who signed the Rose submitted statement absolving the Health Dept of any responsibility for failure, whatever such a document possibly means other than as a form of intimidation. The health department never is held responsible anyway for your septic system's failure. After her direct involvement in the bullying of David Rose into such 'cautionary' signing, pointless or not, does the Administrator not know that the sewage inspector did allow no-chiselplowing for David Rose? The Board APPEARS to believe that the county NEVER allows this option, and that they should not, unlike Clermont County which has over 80 such systems successfully installed.

Talk to Sallie Kreines, whose mailing address is 21250 Fayetteville Blanchester up near Fayetteville, whose greywater system was not allowed -- under the BCHD septic inspector's ruling -- the nationally recognized sizing flow deduction for her use of composting toilets. Research shows composting toilets reduce water usage by 30-50% and that research was in the documents presented to the BCHD septic inspector. The Kreines' thus majorly oversized greywater cleaning tanks -- capable of cleaning blackwater at that size to body-contact clean (not just greywater) per research by James Converse -- are at present being illogically forced to connect to a mound system at the insistence of that same Health Dept septic inspector. All at outrageously escalating expense -- mound system expense on top of oversized greywater greenhouse expense. Not to mention the lack of attention by that inspector to oversight of the actual as-built process -- which would have required that Health Department inspector to learn a lot of new facts, to think through the Clivus/NutriCycle manual's instructions and figure out a series of BC checkpoints to monitor the installer's performance just as mounds are similarly required to be monitored as-built in the state of Ohio. As a result, the implementer hired for the greywater project failed to perform a critical soil test that should have been inspected. Subsequently the BC inspector who should have required bonding of such an installer, did nothing honorable with such bond money to rectify the damage. Nor did the installer do anything -- not even to defend/develop the alternate capabilities of the Clivus/NutriCycle Systems design options, which apparently would have allowed diversion of the now body-contact clean water to the foundation drain. After four years of these delays and extortionary money events, the homeowner is prohibited from occupancy -- severely stretching this organic farmer's resources -- and she is about to be now harassed for supposedly occupying her home this spring, according to the documents in the FOIA copy of her file. There is clearly animosity towards novel idea people by the septicsystem inspector.

In preparation for their own design work, victim had sought a variance for their work just that November -- barely 2 weeks prior to the criminal damaging incident -- to request among other things the approval of a non-chiselplowed mound and a greywater system for flushing that would have improved victims' water usage and been consistent with the Ohio Department of Health regulations as well as being compatible with the Wisconsin Mound manual. The reference in victim's written presentation, delivered in advance to the BC Health Dept, to the successes of these design ideas in Clermont County's experience drew special ire from that one individual whose office mate was then somehow inspired to join the heel-digging-in at the Meeting. That office mate not only was adamantly opposed to the greywater concept but an FOIA request has shown a serious omission of any sign of the variance that came through ODH and OEPA for the Kreines system nor was even one inspection of the plumbing at the Kreines site ever done even though there was a permit, indicating total mismanagement by that office mate in delivering his responsibility services. In any case "Somehow" the health department-prepared copies of the victim's presentation given to Board members by the BC Head Administrator at the Meeting had been unaccountably botched in a highly difficult way to explain as copy machine error by 'someone' preparing for the Board meeting. Which difficulty, victim has pointed out to the BC Head Administrator responsible for the meeting organization. These jumbled, disorganized copies consequently made the Board members effectively unable to locate significant answers in the presentation to their questions since they all asked questions already answered in detail in the original. This ripped-off opportuninity for the victim to present victim's ideas -- unaccountably -- was never rectified by that BC Head Administrator.

The neighbors of the victims are, and were, supportive of the victims' efforts, demonstrated in many ways -- by helping victim to ram the SCP grounding rod, others helped to push a trailer across the road, another generously supplied victim with information on locations of resources, another time by loaning victim a phone to make a call in an emergency, the elderly neighbor offered use of a posthole digger and was informing victim of people arriving to perform inspections, even a couple neighbors came to borrow victim's trencher. At the time of criminal's damaging activities, the neighbor diagonally across the road was adding a larger home to their existing home, which was also drawing lots of neighborly attention. And, in May when victim discovered the rest of the extent of the criminal damaging, victim asked a couple of the neighbors whether they'd seen anyone come onto victim's property -- each was asked without telling them about the intruder til after they'd had a chance to answer. So far only the elderly neighbor directly across the road -- who had seen and in many cases even talked to earlier inspection people -- recalled noticing anyone on victim's property since victim's house was delivered. The elderly neighbor directly across the road said there had been only one person that he had seen and that one was about medium build, average height, light complected and wasn't very clearly doing much recognizable... the elderly neighbor also didn't report seeing any car at the time and he said that the day had been over 5-6 months previously -- namely around November since it was in May when victim found the disturbed water shutoff, and had originally concluded that November was probably too cold for much neighborly visiting and just going outside to investigate what could have been just a pestering canvasser, going door-to-door selling things. Unfortunately this elderly neighbor is also known for fishing for information and jocular poker-face repartee so victim is unwilling to put weight on this testimony without further demonstration of straight-playing.

In fact however, a check of local weather data shows that the cold spell around Thanksgiving was early that week and that Thanksgiving and later that week were in the 60s during the day and had been dry rather than the continual rainy weather that characterized nearly half the days of November of 2006. Suggesting that the damaging wasn't likely to have been done before Thanksgiving either when everything had been winterized. Something to analyze, consider this: Rain would have made the process messy, left footprints in the construction mud and made any interloper rather clearly suspect as somehow desperate in victim's neighborhood, someone unaccountably out in the messy weather. Not to mention unexpected mushy footprints having been noticed by victim's family when pumping water from the septictank hole at the back of the house just 10feet from the crawlspace's rainshield where criminal would have left considerable unexpected tracks, rather than the local fauna tracks that victim's family traditionally were interested in checking for in the construction mud, as well as victim's checking of the drainage rivulets they'd dug to manage rainwater to ensure they draining was working.

Further, analysis turned to BCHD records. Although there may be a calendar of out-of-office BCHD travel for mileage reimbursement of expenses which could pinpoint any official reason for the prime suspects to have been in the neighborhood of victim's house, making it possible to assert their proximity to the crime location, on top of the logically derived evidence of their prime suspect status, that sort of calendar has not been checked yet -- not by the prosecutor nor the sheriff's staff. An FOIA request for the BCHD file on the construction site diagonally across the road from victim's house with the purpose of checking for record of visits to that construction site, has not indicated any visits in the time period between the contentious Board Mtg and the discovery of the breached access on 11-27-2006. Nor was there anything in the victim's own file indicating BCHD visit-timing other than permit opening. However the BCHD records are not especially reliable since victim's FOIA-requested 'complete' file showed a definite problem. Even though victim did receive a letter in August warning victim that a member of the Health Dept had been on-site at victim's house specifically for the purpose of checking to see that victim had not attempted to 'occupy' victim's own house, yet no record of this visit was indicated in any way in victim's file at the BCHD, obtained in its supposed entirety under an FOIA request for the complete file. Such visits do not seem to be recorded in the individual files, or sometimes such things happen to be neglected or omitted.

Since the time of the attempted criminal damaging was in broad daylight in November, the likelihood is that it would have either been during official travel or on a weekend or Thanksgiving itself. Two of the three weekends were rather rainy themselves or immediately after several days of considerable rain which always makes the worksite muddy, leaving no possibility of not leaving an obvious trail of unexpected footprints that would have likely been noticed by victim checking for adequacy of drainage trenches and need for pumping the digging site after a rain. Which only leaves official travel and the Thanksgiving week and weekend. And with the amount of rainy work days, there aren't many of those official-travel days anyhow until the week of Thanksgiving which was entirely dry for that whole week.

But most important to the timing is the past history of damaging in the behavior of one of the BCHD inspectors, namely SteveDick, whose prior incident at the Rose site was apparently done immediately after an angry blow-up. Although the Board Mtg had demonstrated SteveDick's animosity, it was not a cause for his anger as he had been given by the Board what he wanted at the moment. However, victim called SteveDick's source at the Clermont County HD and straightened out the error in the letter written for SteveDick's meeting agenda. (Nov 10th) This challenge to SteveDick's hold on his victory was followed by SteveDick's possible discovery of victim's success in gaining access to evidence of his malfeasance in the Rose case as demonstrated by the month-long disappearance of the Rose file when victim requested a copy of that file on Nov 13th -- just 3 days later -- but was delayed in attempting to pick it up til after the damaging incident. Jan -- at the front desk of the BCHD -- had put the file on her desk in anticipation of pickup and was clearly dismayed when it had 'somehow' walked off and none of the sanitarians, including SteveDick, admitted to having the file, though SteveDick suggested we really shouldn't want that site's system file. After victim complained to SteveDick's superior on December 15th, there was still another 2weeks delay before the file surfaced -- and was mailed to victim without notice. There had obviously been adequate time to conceal content but there was still another sanitarian's report that indicated that the Rose mound had not been chiselplowed but had been novelly treated, which treatment victim is still researching for its credibility though it doesn't look good as responsible sanitarian oversight operation.

The other event that may have triggered an angry response was the information that the victim had been in contact with JamesConverse who is the originating expert on the Wisconsin Mound that victim was requesting and that JamesConverse had indicated to victim -- and possibly to RalphBenson, one of SteveDick's prime competitive peers in the next county -- that JamesConverse agreed with victim. JamesConverse had even discussed SteveDick's opposition to omitting chiselplowing in his email with RalphBenson, which may have been relayed to SteveDick, any part of which may have been a source of further anger to SteveDick. The contacts with JamesConverse took place over the period from November 20th to November 25th and are recorded in the phone records and in one of JamesConverse's email responses dated November 24th. The conversation between JamesConverse and victim has continued beyond that period but the connection to RalphBenson occurred in that timeframe, which is precisely the Thanksgiving week and weekend.

In addition to victim's progress on support from JamesConverse -- to the eventual embarassment of the suspect -- there was research found on the treatment requirements that the prime suspect insisted be put on the Rose's working permission to omit chiselplowing that suggested that the lime and gypsom required by the health department suspect in order for Rose's installer to proceed, had diametrically different effects depending on the soil-type being treated, some effects developing over a time period. No trace nor mention of any soil testing existed in the FOIA acquired copy of the BCHD's Rose documents on the mound at the Rose home. Even if this was not intentional damaging, the failure to identify the soil type being treated at the Rose home does appear to be malfeasance and definitely callous, serious risk to the Rose family, to their installer's reputation and bondability to work, but none -- not one bit of accountability -- rested on/to the suspected septicsystem inspector, namely SteveDick, who was the official requiring this compliance treatment in order for the Rose family to be able to get completion of their mound and finally, after at least 18 months, to get access to occupy their home. It rather appears to be extortion and callous awareness of, or culpable ignorance of, potential damaging in order to get that BCHD individual to appear to relent and agree to what was needed -- namely omission of chiselplowing--, since the Rose's site was too wet to chiselplow, as has been the problem for many sites in Clermont County's experience which CC's health dept solves with omission of chiselplowing and certain soil testing, and certainly should be done in many sites in Brown County where the land is the same type of wetness or is thickly wooded and wet besides.


Motive - animosity, not theft, not opportunism, not scavenging nor random acts of violent damaging, nor careless installers.

Criminal -- has construction knowledge above most ordinary people, special plumbing access tools and extreme need for caution even at the risk of being seen by anyone, yet he/she chose more complicated damage plans, showing more planning than momentary impulse or deeper anger.

Prime Suspect (SteveDick) had demonstrated

At this point Columbo would have paid a visit to said prime suspect -- with search warrant for the identifiable item that victim has provided matching evidence for -- but here in Brown County no such Columbo is available to us and the existing Sheriff department flunkies and even the Prosecutor's choice has been to invent absurd obstacles to initiate their stonewalling.