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the butterflies of chaos

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Chaos theory is a relatively recent addition to the repertoire of mathematicians, describing an incredible array of phenomena.

In meteorology, Lorentz discovered that his weather-models could not be interrupted and rerun to repeat displayed patterns, that even the smallest of differences in his starting variables produced profound variance in the resulting patterns.

A butterfly in Seattle could disrupt the weather in Cincinnati.

This instability, this chaos, would normally be very disturbing to mathematicians but it has proved fruitful in amazing ways, from bio-control mechanisms, in speech, of remarkable finesse to healthy brainwave patterns. In some arenas, it´s marching in step that is destructive, it´s those supposedly insignificant pulses that can, and do, and in fact are the only way to, make a difference, even cumulatively an important difference.

As small-time operators, we sometimes feel insignificant compared to the needs we seek to meet, or unimportant compared to bigplayers with their staffs and resources. The dreams we build take so long to develop. Corporate glamour is deceptive and sometimes used to waylay our self-esteem. Remember, in the real world, chaos rules the mysteries of all the profound and important systems with infinite finesse.

Remember the tiny pulses.. tiny butterfly footsteps.

When it comes to making a difference, we can, we have, and we will. We are the Butterflies of Chaos. Come cherish and celebrate our fragile allies.

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Always gathering news, always under construction.. email us your news of allies.


This organization provides small grants and mentoring programs
to low-income entrepreneurs worldwide.
Most of their recipients are women since women are the
poorest and the last to be given training, education, land and credit.
Call 212.362.7958 or email info@trickleup.org


Women's Research & Development Center in Cincinnati
promotes economic independence and self-esteem of women
through development of affordable housing and related technical skills
in a supportive environment. (513) 541-0541 or wrdc@fuse.net
Sheltering Ourselves, Women's Learning Exchange Oct 14th-18th
We were there and it was a wonderful time. Come see SOWLE´s agenda, participants and JHR´s presentation.

Small Business Incubators

Natnl Assoc of Women Business Owners is focussed on existing businesses, Women Entrepreneurs Inc offers mentoring to start-ups as well as networking opportunities. The SBIs are many and varied, some offering training, some informal co-ops sharing information, contacts, resources, and work.

To meet some of the WorkAtHome webwomen who supply the diversity of needs as they´ve found them,
simply cruise the many webrings and join their listservs, boards & all sorts of creative constructs... the web resource list grows minute-by-minute.

For example, among the groups you could start with are...

This Moms Network Exchange Web Ring site is owned by
J.H.Raichyk, Ph.D..

Want to join the MNE Web Ring?

Where Moms Get Connected
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Webgrrls-Cincinnati Web Ring...
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This WAHM.com Web Ring site is owned by
Jeanette Raichyk

Want to join the Work At Home Moms Web Ring ?
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This WAHMfest'99 site
is owned by Jeanette Raichyk.

Want to join the WAHMFest'99 WebRing?

Women making a difference --
in their families AND the world

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This The PEOPLEpower TEAM site owned by
Jeanette Raichyk.

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iVillage´s WorkFromHomeGroup

WomanOwned Business Directory

Register where women´s businesses are advertised


Where women pool marketing resources and stay in touch on issues of mutual interest. Friday night chats and an annual conference.. in 98, the conference focus was detecting and dealing with frauds and hazards.


is dedicated to helping moms stay home by bringing them face-to-face with helpful business opportunities and resources. For information about participating in or sponsoring a WAHMfest near you, please visit our organizing HQ. Coming to the Washington DC area in March!

Be a woman of Independent Means

Women who´ve created their own work have a repeatable survival skill at their disposal to empower their dreams and causes as well.


is parlaying a rare flower that blooms before your eyes into a wonderful opportunity for a whole spectrum of women -- women supporting non-profits, women with their own businesses, and battered mothers escaping from the insanity of the welfare scene.

Breaking The Silence

is looking for poetry, prose, essays about the personal experience of violence against women, or commentary on the issues for publication, anonymous or otherwise, to raise awareness of this problem.

and many more...

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Reading & Publishing Resources


News of women´s status around the world


Women´s Historians with research on what women´s contributions have been, what roles we´ve had, what´s been swept away, mis-interpreted or ignored.

Feminist Bookstore Network

Bookstores where women´s issues are a daily event


Voluntary simplicity concepts in a free bi-weekly e-zine.
Learn to manage the freedom of escaping from Affluenza.


The adult equivalent of Grace Llewellyn´s Teenage Liberation Handbook. By Michael Fogler

Webs of Inclusion

The alternative and antidote to hierarchic rigidity.
By Sally Helgesen

The Mismeasure of Woman

Putting women´s interests in unbiased perspective.
By Carol Tavris

Your Money or Your Life

Creative ways to finesse early *retirement*.
By J.Dominguez & V.Robin

Even more information on *How-to* can be found by pointing your search-engine to look for "how to write a business plan" or at your local small business development center... check the phonebook. For a cornucopia of books on specific businesses by those who've done it, visit your public library.

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LastStraw Revolution, LSR, a feature of bergerac-tv.net

If you´d like your group or site to be listed among our allies, please send a brief (30 word) description with name, and URL/addy or address.

Information on more allies happily accepted via email.
Recommendations wanted...

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