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Production side: Goals and Intermediate Testing Needs..
LongTermGoalModel #1 (CulvertHouse)

LongTermGoalModel #2 (CyberHobbit)

But too much crucial engineering data was not in existence for this soil and area's climate. So we opted for an intermediate goal that had great promise of benefits while doing needed data collecting.
Progress So Far

Emergence of the Thread of Unruly Government Forces: the vandalism started when we proposed better ideas & green technology at the Health Department
TimeLine 2000-2011

Vandalism Incident #1:
Rogue Dictocrat Dirty Laundry

When we fought back with FOIA evidence and bio-engineering research backup, the harassment intensified and more vandalism, til we put an end to the opportunity for the "vandal" to wreck our project by moving ourselves on site with a better-idea solution for sanitation.

Meet our bastard sanitation system, the Stonecreek, that would destroy their hegemonic visions if/when they found out.
And more in depth, the Engineering, Installation & Operation Manual, plus our defense of its ability to meet permit guidelines as an experimental system, and more.

Two years went productively by, while we tested our new designs and were monitoring incremental improvements.
Then they found out we were using 'necessity' occupancy and going ahead, not bowing to their wanted control of homeowners as they thought we were, tho we were proceeding as a business would, busy doing R & D for our product-to-be, our new designing business. The IRS was happy with our startup filings. We saw world-changing potential as well as desperation every day.

So they chose to charge us as homeowners

-- which technically we were also, and had become attached to the life inside that carefully enhanced sheltering doublewide, well-anchored unobtrusively in its habitat, our product of our own handiwork --

and the Court history began.

Pro se, naturally, on our shoestring operation budgeting as green tech innovative developers of better ideas for rural workingclass homeowners.

The law clearly supported testable performance with standards spelled out, plus homeowner choice and bureaucrat obligations of due process. Our high-performing Stonecreek was on holy ground. Or so it seemed.

Support in the Law ORC3718 and in Bio-EngineeringScience

Think again. Unpunished lying under oath by dictocratic thugs, rejection by the judges of testing science, refusal by judges to read the law's content, and more. See the steps in the Court Docket filings:
Fraudulent Popes in Black Robes

Has evil won...

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